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Think deeper, pushing boundaries. Fueled by possibilities of information, ideas and knowledge, we’ve delivered the right answers for specific aliments for more than 26 years. See the history we have written and the paths of innovation we’re pursuing today.


AGROW®-The company that was started with Rs. 37.5

1967-1975 Agrow® was started from a medical store. Late Kailash Nath Agarwal, Chemist at Central Agmark, opened Agarwal Medical & General Store. He possessed profound knowledge about medicines.

His three sons Mr. Sushil Kumar Agarwal, Mr Arun Kumar Agarwal, Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, at their young age showed keen interest in the store. Gradually, they took full incharge, the eldest son was just at the age of 21!


After 10 years of experience in retailing, a vision was made, the willingness to develop ayurvedic medicines, which are less harmful as compared to allopathic ones, to serve the mankind naturally.

The vision grew, the trio visited many ayurvedacharyas, read ayurved related Vedas & books, gained knowledge of herbs from their father. After a year, they created 3 ayurvedic medicines.


A medicine to boost immune power, to cure leucorrhoea in females and for the revival of appetite was formulated.  Bought herbs for 3 products for Rs. 37.5. Their first investment. Father and mother grinded the herbs in Mortar and Pestle (Khallad Mussal) as per the formulation. Sieved them with a cotton cloth (process-Khappad chaan), bought 1000 empty gelatine capsules for Rs. 60.75. Their second investment.  Distributed to the qualified doctors for trials. After series of trails and feedbacks, the three products were ready to roll in markets.

The trio rented a small place for manufacturing and applied for drug license.


Nothing reads more encouragingly the true success story of these visionary entrepreneurs. Obtained manufacturing license to manufacture ayurvedic medicines. This led to the birth of “AGROW PHARMA”. The products were made available in market. The first market launched was Colonelganj-GONDA, a small town in Uttar Pradesh.

 The brand name AGROW has its own story. AGRO- Refers to agriculture, green and healthy plants. W- taken from surname AGARWAL.

Their dedication, quality consciousness and hard work mixed with willingness to take risk to implement the idea paved way for success and strong foundation of company.

Constructed a small factory in the basement of  house with manual manufacturing practice.


Soon after the huge popularity of products, Agrow Pharma launched 3 more products: Herbal toothpowder-Agrow Dant Aushadhi™, piles treatment capsule- Arsh Kalyan™, menstrual cycle regulation treatment -Cyclo forte™ capsule.


The increase in product line and demands led to the construction of new factory with more production capacity. This laid the foundation of a new factory. Bhartiya Agrow Pharma Pvt. Ltd started with modernised manufacturing practises with Good Manufactuirng Practices (GMP) & management systems of ISO 9001:2008. Having a deep vision to serve the society with the quality, Agrow launched Baby massage oil-Agrow Lal Tail™, Mouth ulcer lotion- MuamaCur™, Thanda Hair oil-Himol™, Joint pain oil- Agrow Ramastra™.

First television advertisement film was shot in Mumbai by actors “Satyendra Gappu”-a veteran actor with more than 350 films, “Amita Nagya”& “Joginder”-The famous villian. The advertisements proved to be very effective in boosting sales.


With increasing customer base, popularity and trust, BAPPL was awarded appreciation award from District head of Kanpur , Uttar Pradesh.


The promoters soon started another unit in SIDCUL industrial area, Rudrapur, with fully automatic machines and modern manufacturing facility. The new unit (SBAP) received District award from Rudrapur.


Another feather in the cap-SBAP was awarded with 1 st prize in Uttrakhand state amongst 27000 MSME units for outstanding entrepreneurship by the partners.


The flagship brand AGROW® has become symbolic name in many North Indian states with increasing customer base. This year marks the Silver Jubilee year. The journey has not been easy with strikes, shortages of labour and manpower, policy changes, corruption and economic slowdowns.


Collaborated with pioneering medicinal institute of the country CSIR-CIMAP and developed herbal based mosquito repellents-Agrow® Zeromos Naturals™.


New logo of Agrow® published, with the welcoming of third generation. Infused with new spirit, the company aims to look high in the sky with world class quality standards and packaging’s. A new energy is being infused in marketing network, spreading out to towns and cities with innovative products and concepts.

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